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Critical Review of Award winning Performance of Fully Committed

Fully Committed: A Restaurant's Reservations Line Inspires Tour-de-Force Theater



directed with unrelenting skill and polish by Manzelli and Hugh M. Murphy. In addition to Sam, Manzelli inhabits nearly 40 other characters in a single, unbroken, hour-and-a-half-long scene in which multiple crises collide in the manner of an Aaron Sorkin script…”

“Thanks to shifts in Manzelli's physicality and the repetition of signature gestures, each archetype is fully formed and present, if only for the span it takes him or her to speak a sentence…this whiplash-inducing, marathon performance represents the strongest solo acting in South Florida since 2013.” 

"In all, there are 40 characters, and Manzelli delivers on each of them over a dizzying 80 minutes with no intermission. It is a fabulous feat. A wonder to watch."- Miami Herald

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