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                               SAG FILM/TV

Critical Thinking                      Co-Star                       Shooting (Dir. John Leguizamo)  

Magic City (7 episodes)          Recurring                    STARZ Television

Son of A… (8 episodes)          Lead Actor                 ComedyFlo Entertainment

Graceland                                Co-Star                       USA Network

Start-Up                                    Co-Star                       Sony Crackle

Burn Notice (2 episodes)        Guest Star                  USA Network

Stark Naked                             Series Regular            ComedyFlo Entertainment

The Glades                              Co-Star                        A&E Television

Third Watch                             Co-Star                        NBC Television

Law & Order S.V.U.                 Co-Star                        NBC Television

The Notorious Bettie Page    Day Player                   HBO Films

Chappelle Show                     Day Player                   Comedy Central

U.S. Customs...Classified       Guest Star                   WB Network

Miami Models (Feature)         Day Player                  USA Network

First Medals (TV)                     Lead                            U.S. Armed Forces TV

Islamorada (Feature)              Supporting                  Dio Productions

Red & The Black(Short)          Lead                            Grimm Films

Strange Voices (Short)            U5/cop                        Grimm Films

Banana Zoo (22 episodes)      Vocal Performer         Discovery Kids Network

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